Månad: January 2021

New article on HD in Journal of the Swedish Medical Association

Together with Per Breimer, senior consultant in psychiatry, Åsa Petersén and Håkan Widner have published a case study in the Journal of the Swedish Medical Association. The article describes a middle-aged woman falling ill with mental illness. During several years she has psychiatric symptoms, and comes in contact with the medical care on a number of occasions. Only years later she is diagnosed with Huntington's disease. Link to article on Journal of the Swedish Medical…
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Research on early HD symptoms can lead to new treatment strategies

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation appointed Åsa Petersén Wallenberg Clinical Scholar in 2020. The Wallenberg Clinical Scholar is aimed for researchers combining their research with clinical work and is a grant for five years. An article on Åsa's research on psychiatric symptoms and hypothalamic changes in HD is now published on the foundation's website. In Swedish only. Link to Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation's website.
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