Our mission

The tasks for the steering group are:

  • To plan for a Huntington Disease Center with care for patients in all phases of the disease, with a national scope
  • To aim for a integrated multi-disciplinary care for families with Huntington’s Disease
  • To improve the prerequisite for participating in national and international observational studies.
  • To improve the prerequisite to initiate and participate in translational studies, as well as intervention studies for HD
  • To give industry the possibility to interact with the Huntington Disease Center to create innovation
  • To strengthen and unite research that involves persons with HD and their families in the fields of basic, clinical, health and arts and cultural sciences
  • To create a structure for co-operation, both clinically and scientifically, between Skåne University Hospital, Psychiatry and rehabilitation, Medical Services, the Faculty of Medicine, patients’ organizations and industry
  • To propose strategic recruitments to the Huntington Disease Center
  • To facilitate large national and international applications for research support
  • To promote accessible information about HD health care and research, for individuals, families, patients’ organizations and health care professionals in Sweden