Månad: October 2021

Petersén gives talks at conference for young people with HD

Petersén gives talks about research and clinical care for Huntington disease to young adults in HD families at a conference in Gothenburg October 21-24, 2021. See homepage of the patient organization Swedish Huntington Association (Riksförbundet för Huntingtons sjukdom) for more information: Link to Swedish Huntington Association's webpage (opens in a new window)
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Digital National Huntington meeting, October 13 2021

The Swedish National Huntington meeting takes place on October 13, 2021, as a digital event. Several representatives from Huntington Disease Center are giving talks about the disease and the latest research. Follow this link to take part of the meeting and the talks: https://huntington.se/13-oktober-valkomna-pa-nationellt-mote-kring-huntingtons-sjukdom/ (the link opens in a new window)
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