Research on early HD symptoms can lead to new treatment strategies

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation appointed Åsa Petersén Wallenberg Clinical Scholar in 2020. The Wallenberg Clinical Scholar is aimed for researchers combining their research with clinical work and is a grant for five years. An article on Åsa's research on psychiatric symptoms and hypothalamic changes in HD is now published on the foundation's website. In Swedish only. Link to Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation's website.
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HD Center representatives give lectures at online National HD meeting

The Swedish national Huntington meeting was originally planned to take place in March and was later postponed to September 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was decided to hold an online meeting on 24 September. Active clinicians and researchers at the Huntington Disease Center will give talks at the meeting. Åsa Petersén will talk about the latest international research and clinical trials and treatment, Håkan Widner till give a talk on PEG, Sanaz Gabery…
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EHDN:s Bridging Event 2020

The major meeting for the European Huntington’s Disease Network was going to take place in Bologna in September, but has been postponed one year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead there will be a Virtual Bridging Event on 11 September, with updates on the latest international research and clinical trials. Active clinicians and researchers at the Huntington Disease Center will participate online.
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Hear Åsa Petersén reporting on current international research

Riksförbundet för Huntingtons sjukdom (the Swedish patients' organization) has published a telephone interview with Åsa Petersén on their webpage. While listening to Åsa's report you can follow the Power Point-presentation on current international research!   Hear Åsa Petersén reporting on current international research! (in Swedish only)
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Åsa Petersén appointed Wallenberg Clinical Scholar

Åsa Petersén is appointed Wallenberg Clinical Scholar and receives a research grant of 15 million SEK over five years. Read more: The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences' webpage: https://www.kva.se/en/pressrum/pressmeddelanden/wallenberg-clinical-scholars-60-miljoner-kronor-i-anslag-till-forskande-lakare  The Faculty of Medicine: https://www.medicin.lu.se/article/asa-petersen-utsedd-till-wallenberg-clinical-scholar (in Swedish)
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Nordic HD researchers met in Lund

In november 2019 the Huntington Disease Center arranged the 2nd Nordic Huntington Disease Research Meeting in Lund. The meeting attracted over 50 researchers from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The day was filled with interesting data blitz presentations, and Astri Arnesen, President of the European Huntington Association (EHA), and Patrick Weydt, co-chair of the European Huntington Disease Network (EHDN), gave talks. Read more: European Huntington heights met at Lund summit.
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A successful information evening on Huntington’s disease!

The information evening this fall, or rather winter, attracted more participants than we expected. Delighted that so many of you could come, in spite of winter rain and Christmas preparations. Thank you all for contributing to a fruitful evening! In the links below you find the presentations by Kajsa Nilsson on prenatal diagnosis and by Åsa Petersén about Huntington's disease and the current research in the field (in Swedish only). Genetisk fosterdiagnostik - Huntington, by…
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Article on HD in the magazine Vetenskap & Hälsa

The latest issue of the Swedish magazine Vetenskap & Hälsa (Science & Health) includes an article on HD, about depression and apathy, which is frequent with HD patients. Irritability, depression, anxiety and deteriorated understanding for other people's expressions of emotions are some of the symptoms of the disease. The hereditary Huntington's disease entails psychiatric symptoms, often manifest long before other apparent signs of the disease. Åsa Petersén, professor and senior consultant, is conducting research to…
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We welcome HD researchers and clinicians in the Nordic countries to a Research Meeting in Lund

The 2nd Nordic HD Research Meeting will take place on Tuesday November 26 2019 in the Belfrage hall at D15 of the Biomedical Center (BMC), Klinikgatan 32, in Lund, Sweden. It is organized by the Huntington Center and is open to HD researchers and clinicians in the Nordic countries. There will be a large number of data blitz presentations to allow for both PI’s, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students to present their work and then…
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Research Day

On November 5 and 6 2019 the annual event "Forskningens Dag" (Research Day) will take place in Malmö and Lund. Forskningens Dag is a popular-scientific event with a specific theme each year, where the participating researchers present the current research in their field. The event is organized by the Faculty of Medicine and the health care organization Region Skåne. This year Åsa Petersén is the scientific organizer of Forskningens Dag on the theme "Mental illness",…
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