Information evening on HD

On May 28 the Huntington Disease Center in Lund hosted an information evening on Huntington's disease at the Biomedical Centre in Lund. 70 guests came to listen to Åsa Petersén, professor and senior consultant in psychiatry, and Håkan Widner, professor and senior consultant in neurology, who talked about the latest research in the HD field and different symptoms and treatment possibilities. The visitors were also given the opportunity to meet staff from the Huntington-team from…
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Nordic Huntington Disease Research Meeting

On Tuesday November 27 the first Nordic Huntington Disease Research Meeting took place at the Biomedical Center in Lund. 50 participants from Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway took part of interesting data blitz presentations about clinical research, mechanisms of disease and future therapies. The pauses during the day gave opportunity to interesting discussions and the possibility to interact with fellows from other universities. Maybe future collaborations can be the fruit of this meeting...
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Petersén gives research talk for young people in HD families in Stockholm

Petersén gives a research talk for young people in HD families on November 10 2018 in Stockholm at a 2-day conference organised by the Swedish Huntington Association “Riksförbundet för Huntingtons sjukdom". Read more about this event on Riksförbundet för Huntingtons sjukdom's webpage (in Swedish)
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Petersén granted funds from The Swedish Research Council

Åsa Petersén has been awarded a four-year project grant from the Swedish Research Council (VR), starting from 2019. The grant is awarded for the project entitled Effects of hypothalamic circuitries in Huntington disease. The total granted sum is SEK 4.8 million for 2019-2022.
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Professor Petersén Fernström-awardee

Yesterday it was announced that Professor Åsa Petersén will receive the Fernström award at Lund University for younger, successful researchers. The prize is awarded six researches at different Medical Faculties in Sweden, where each and one receives the sum of SEK 100 000. The Lund award ceremony will take place on November 7 at “Forskningens dag”. Congratulations, Åsa! Read more (in Swedish)
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