We welcome HD researchers and clinicians in the Nordic countries to a Research Meeting in Lund

The 2nd Nordic HD Research Meeting will take place on Tuesday November 26 2019 in the Belfrage hall at D15 of the Biomedical Center (BMC), Klinikgatan 32, in Lund, Sweden. It is organized by the Huntington Center and is open to HD researchers and clinicians in the Nordic countries.

There will be a large number of data blitz presentations to allow for both PI’s, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students to present their work and then ample time over lunch, breaks and dinner to interact. There will be an update on clinical trials and activities of the European HD Network (EHDN). The official language will be English. Please see the program below.

09.30-10.00 Registration and coffee
10.00-10.15 Welcome and presentation of the Huntington Center (chair Åsa Petersén, Lund)
10.15-11.00 Data blitz presentations- Clinical research (10 min + 5 min Q&A; chair Lena Hjermind, Copenhagen)
11.00-11:40 The role of the ubiquitin/proteasome system in the development of CAG triplet repeat disorders (Nico Dantuma, Stockholm; chair Åsa Petersén, Lund)
11.40-12.45 Lunch
12.45-14.00 Data blitz presentations – Mechanisms of disease (10 min + 5 min Q&A; chair Nico Dantuma, Stockholm)
14.00-14.30 Coffee break
14.30-15.30 Data blitz presentations – Future Therapies (10 min + 5 min Q&A , chair Merja Voutilainen, Helsinki)
15.30-15.50 Break
15.50-16.45 Update on the activities of the European HD Network (EHDN) and clinical trials in Europe by EHDN co-chair Patrick Weydt, Bonn (chair Maria Björkqvist, Lund)
16.45-17.15 European HD Association and research by President of EHA Astri Arnesen, Norway (chair Åsa Petersén, Lund)
17.15-17.30 Final discussion (chairs Åsa Petersén and Maria Björkqvist, Lund)
18.00- 21.00 Networking and Meeting Dinner at Restaurant På Skissernas, Finngatan 2, Lund

Programme Nordic HD Research Meeting 2019

Warm welcome!

Åsa Petersén, on behalf of the Huntington Center in Lund
Organizing committee: Maria Björkqvist, Jenny Månsson and Åsa Petersén.